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New show May 10th 2012!


Lambert Fine Arts Presents
Gutbox Artist Collective
May 10 2012-June 4 2012
opening reception May 10th 7pm-10pm
57 Stanton St. New York NY 10002


Living in NYC, it’s impossible to be unaware of the gridded hive of modernity, our action within it, and it’s psychological impact.  Grids that are often laid across the land like a map pop up into three dimensions of the city, mushrooming to the heights of skyscrapers, and burrowing underground in the form of subway tunnels.  Cross town busses, car traffic, pedestrian zig zags, and flight patterns complete the transportation grid and perpetuate it’s motion.

To some of us the order of the grid could be experienced as safe and comfortable, while others feel confined by it’s predictability and regiment. Though all members of Gutbox live in major metropolitan systems, some have experienced life in more spacious areas. Gutbox member, Jazz-minh Moore, was born ‘Off the Grid’, at Breitenbush Hotsprings, a community in the Oregon woods that creates it’s own electricity out of the natural current of the river water.  Maps of this place are woven into GRID. Some members where reared within the suburban sprawl and it’s ever expanding footprint, offering a sense of order, uniformity, and a far reaching grid.
Some of the works in GRID reference aerial landscape photographs of the agricultural grids that pattern most of this wide country.  Others are a nod to the gridded patterns in plaid shirts, the complex mapping of computer chips, and metal grids found in the old security glass of fallen windows in the Navy Yard. Our goal is to leave no grid unturned.
Present in GRID will also be deviation from, and destruction of, the human-made grid.  Points of transition, from the right angles controlled by humankind to the organic geometry of nature, include riverbeds, which snake their way organically across gridded plains, or the post and linter structure of an abandoned building falling into oblique angles of ruin.
One way or another, we all participate in GRID.